Sunday, September 14, 2008


So, I've ventured into blogging. I knew it was only a matter of time. As a kid/teen, I kept a journal, and I found it to be pretty theraputic. I see this as a similar outlet; except, this time around, I want people to read.

I think that learning about others' experiences helps us put our lives into perspective. We see how alike we are, no matter how different we seem. We are all human.

I start this blog with the intention of keeping track of my journey from ex-runner to marathon finisher. Let me give some background.

I grew up in New England. Small town, smaller school. EVERYONE ran track. I grew up as a gymnast. I won a state championship, retired at 14. I wanted to play high school sports, so I did them all: Field hockey, ice hockey, cross-country and track. I ran sprints and relays, but my senior year, I decided on a whim to try hurdles. I won, and won, and won. Wish I had tried it sooner.

I had the option to run track in college. I passed. Focused on my studies. I worked out at the gym, but never really ran anymore. Last April I decided I was sick of working out for the sake of working out. Although I have been blessed with a body that doesn't ever really get "fat," my body image was at an all-time low, and I found it hard to motivate myself to do any sort of exercise.

I began looking into road races. One of my friends was running a 10K in June, so I made that my goal. I found a "virtual coach" program on a running website and followed it meticulously. My energetic puppy was my running partner. When I was unmotivated, I ran for her, or I thought about the 10K I would be running. It worked. I finished the 10K in 1:01.15.

Now I'm training for a half marathon.....

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